About ZeroByZawadi

ZeroByZawadi is an African Yoga-Inspired Social Enterprise.

It is an expression of Zawadi – the founder, who is committed to bringing her creativity, feminism, spirituality and passion for social justice together.  At zero, anything and everything is possible.  While Zawadi may not know where this journey will take her, she’s enjoying every step of it – learning, discovering, sharing, building, plotting, transforming and re-strategizing.

Zawadi Nyong’o in Central Park, Nairobi, Kenya

Zawadi is Kiswahili for “gift”, so through ZeroByZawadi, we hope to create products, spaces, and services that are indeed precious gifts to all who might share this journey.  We believe that “every gift has a story” so we aim to share stories of inspiration and transformation through this blog.

Most posts will probably be about Africa, spirituality, social justice, feminism, yoga, social media for social change, #AfroFunky fashion, Ayurveda, and the linkages between them all. Yes, that’s right – they are all somehow beautifully connected – at least in Zawadi’s experience :-).

Afrika Rise!

Zawadi Nyong’o at ZeroByZawadi Photo Shoot at Kuona Arts Trust, in Nairobi, Kenya


1 thought on “About ZeroByZawadi

  1. Hi..love your web page..do you have yoga classes in or near Mombasa..I am returning on Oct 9th for 2 weeks.. staying in Nyali..yoga is my life..I practise different types..hatha, iyenga, anusara, tibetan..and I do classes 6 times a week..for the past 10 years..so would love to hear from you

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