A Letter From Robi To Baby Lexie

Robi (red shirt) with his sister Baby Lexie when we visited them at home on World Cancer Day – February 4th, 2012. Angela, their mother is in the background.

Robi’s Letter to His Sister Baby Lexie (Alexandria Ajowi) dated July 17th, 2012

Tuesday 17th July 2012

Dear Lexi, rember that I am your brother I will mitt witt you in Heven. I love you very very much Id like to go to heven but I havent died. When you stayed for long guide me till I mitt again love Robi.

I don’t think I have ever heard a child cry like Robi cried last night. Ever! He’s only 7 years old and yet the sounds he was letting out were surely coming from the depth of his soul.  All Angela could do was hold her baby in her arms and rock him gently as he grieved for the loss of his best friend – his little sister and angel Baby Lexie.  Angela said that he had shed a few tears when she broke the news to him earlier in the day, and that he reacted the way any normal child would, but when he watched Citizen TV news at 7pm and saw the image of him pushing Baby Lexie in her wheelchair at the airport the day she arrived in Nairobi, after spending over a year in India getting treatment, he just broke down. I wasn’t even there when he started crying, but by the time I arrived probably a half hour later, he was still wailing, and everyone in the room just sat in a daze and red-eyed.  What Angela feels, I cannot even begin to imagine and I won’t pretend that I do.  This post is dedicated to Robi and all the other children in the world who have lost their loved ones to cancer.  He may only be 7 years old but he’s wiser than we might think.

As one of his aunties tried to console him by saying that he could go to the hospital today to say goodbye, Robi said, “I can say goodbye to her body, but not to her soul.”

What can one even say after that? I struggle to write this even hours after I heard these words.  So I will keep it simple.  Baby Lexie’s family needs our support.  They have spent millions over the last 2 years as Baby Lexie fought for her life. The day she got back from India, we all celebrated, but alas, it wasn’t the end of her fight. There’s a gastronomical hospital bill to pay now, so if you can reach deep into your pockets and send any contribution, however big or small, it would go a long way.  The family will be meeting this evening to discuss the way forward, so please check the Africa Cancer Foundation or Save Baby Lexie pages on facebook for updates.  You can also follow @AfriCF and or @SaveBabyLexie on twitter.

At the very least, please do any of the following today:

  1. Send a message of support or condolence to the family by writing on any of the facebook pages or commenting here & we’ll share all the messages with Angel, Robi & the rest of the family.
  2. If you are on twitter, you can send your messages to them by using the hashtag #BabyLexie.
  3. Say a prayer for the family.
  4. Go and visit any children’s cancer ward in your nearest hospital.
  5. Send a financial contribution to mama #BabyLexie to help cover the pending hospital bills (see details below and on “Save Baby Lexie” facebook page).

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

May you and yours be well.

“We Can Because We Care” – Africa Cancer Foundation Tag Line

R.I.P. Baby Lexie

Robi holdiing a photograph of his sister Baby Lexie last night when the Africa Cancer Foundation team went to visit them at their home.

Updates From The Family:

July 18th:

  • There will be a fundraising meeting this Friday, July 20th, from 5pm at All Saints Cathedral, in Nairobi.  They need to clear a hospital bill of approximately 4 million Ksh.
  • If you are in Kenya, you can send your donation via M-PESA to 0725134767 (Angela McLigeyo)- mama Lexy.

July 31st:

  • There will be a 2nd, and hopefully final, fundraising meeting this Tuesday, July 31st, from 5pm at All Saints Cathedral, in Nairobi.  Fundraising target for today is 1.5 million Ksh.



Robi is still writing letters to his little sister Lexie. This is one dated July 23rd, 2012. He really appreciates the support everyone has given his family so far.


87 thoughts on “A Letter From Robi To Baby Lexie

  1. RIP BabyLexy feels like i knew u. may God give her family and friends comfort and strenght to go through this time

  2. I cannot imagine the pain, grief and sense of loss that Robi and his mum, and indeed the entire family must be going through…but as a Mother myself, I cannot hold back tears at the loss of a baby…Baby Lexi, although I never got to meet you, know that I love you..I am sure you are resting with the other angels in heaven..God bless your sweet soul…Amen

      • R.IP baby lexie…am so touched as though ur my sister too…. am sure ua somewhere in a better place..May the family have the serenity to undergo all these pains

  3. this is very touching and we should always be thankful to God every second for the gift of life and family. to baby lexies famiy, God’s grace will work upon you.

  4. very sad story :(by
    to baby lexie’s family dont give up God will strengthen you…….
    Have Faith in God He’l see you thru this difficult moment…..
    We together in prayers……
    Nishike by mbuvi

  5. Can we MPESA Angela? I am sure she needs to buy tea and sugar for all the visitors and for the funeral arrangements. Could she get a number we can send our little help to?

    Cancer. We will defeat you.

    • Thank you so much Wambui. Yes, you can definitely MPESA Angela – they need lots of support both for funeral expenses & the pending hospital bills. I will ask the team to share updates on the fb page & will also do the same as soon as I have the correct information.

  6. Robi’s letter is so touching! My condolences to Angela, Robi and Lexie’s extended family including you all at the ACF . Baby Lexie taught us many lessons. My great take away from her is that love endureth all. I’m praying for her beautiful soul to rest eternally in perfect peace.

    • Thank you Kaari for your message. I think Baby Lexie will continue to teach us all A LOT of things. She inspired us all & helped anchor the work we do to help fight cancer in Africa. The framed photograph that Robi is holding in the picture, has been the centre-piece in the ACF office from the start.

  7. God ACTS in a way that we mortal ”man” cannot understand. But God has better plans for all of us. Sometimes HE lets us grieve, sometimes we think HE doesn’t care, and yet HE care so much.For the family of the young angel, GOD will give you the strength to pass through this. Receive my heartfelt condolences.

  8. Poleni.. be strong.. god loved him more.. amerest. Just thank God for the good times you have had with yeye… till u meet.

  9. RIP sweet gal. I admired her courage n wisdom. I stil rem al those clips kwa tv abt her. May God giv u (family n friends) peace n restore u. May His light shine upon u.

  10. my sincere condolescence to the family of baby lexie but remember baby Lexie is in better arms, in a better place where she won’t cry anymore or be in pain. Remember all who die in Christ will live again and i know baby lexie is watching over you and know she knows you loved her more than anything. Let’s not cry for the loss but be happy that she was able to impact so many lives when she was here with us. Rest in God’s arms baby, you were a great person

  11. May the Almighty God give strength to the entire family of baby Lexi.To Robi, your letter to Lexi has deeply cut through my heart and I’ve shed tears because of the mutual love you have for Lexi. God loves you so much Robi and in deed He will give you the strength that you and your family need at this time of loss.I believe that Lexi has in deed read the letter and She’s so happy. Kindly receive my heartfelt condolences.

  12. I pray to God that he gives u grace to bear this hard time. He is faithful and may His love for u endure forever.

  13. This is really touching.My condolences to baby lexis family ,Robi the brother Angela the mum and the grandma.Please keep us informed about the mpesa no.May her soul rest in peace.

  14. may Almighty God who the comforter comfor Robby and the mum and all the other members of the family.to man it may seem hard but to God there are always best plans for them take heart God knows better why it happened this way.

  15. When i watched baby Lexie on TV yesterday, i could not believe that she is gone. I cant begin to imagine what the family is going through right now. may God grant them the strength they need. May she rest in eternal peace.

  16. Oh God, this is so sad! My daughter welcomed baby Lexy back in the country, and on ACF’s Anniversary she passed on! As a family we were updated on her progress and today as a mum, my heart cries out to Angela and Robi. We have lost 7 people in our family to different types of cancer, I really understand ur pain. May God’s grace n peace be sufficient, He identifies with your pain Angela. Please be strong for Robi!

  17. Sad news indeed.
    My prayers are with the whole family in this period of mourning.
    Baby Lexi was a beautiful soul with an innocent heart full of joy. We knew her through the television but she radiated so much joy and innocence and her smile was so pure. She was strong and fearless and even when she was sick her eyes in her pictures gave off this sparkle,this hope for tomorrow you just wanted to reach through the screen and hug her so tight.
    Wherever she is,let her be happy and peaceful.GOD be with her family.
    She was very lucky to have a brother who loved her so much,very lucky.

  18. Rest now Baby Lexie! I may also never have met or knew you personally, but your story always brought tears to my heart. I have no child of my own yet, but I also feel the pain your dear mum and brother must be going through. May God hold you in His bossom…and may He watch over your brother and mum always. In all things mama Lexie and Robi – give thanks. We can never understand God’s ways, no matter how hard we try. Be blessed.

  19. I was truly shocked and saddened to hear about baby Lexxie’s passing. I know this has come as a blow to the family, and I can’t express enough how sorry I am for your loss. May God rest her soul in eternal peace….

  20. You touched alot in hearts,you leave a tear in everyone’s eye.You’ll always be forever in our heart.GOD BE WITH YOU TILL WE MEET AGAIN and strenghthen your family’s heart in ths hard times. POLE

  21. This is such a sad story..and i can only imagine what the family is going thro.I Pray tht God may comfort them and give them peace at this difficult time.Let us knw hw we can send money thro mpesa.R.l.P baby Lexxie.

  22. May the Almighty God remember Robi n the entire family, may the place the space left void by beiby lexi be filled by God’s grace which is sufficient for us.

    • May her soul rest in eternal peace.Robi that is life so sad that you come to experience this at that tender age.You too is my heroes for the support and love you gave her….Mos ondiek!

      • Before cancer was a concern in the western countries but now it is with us……..!

  23. Am truly saddened by the sad new of Angel Lexxie’s passing.May God comfort the family through this trying time.Am so sorry for they Loss.May she rest in eternal peace!

  24. Tears were bawling out of my eyes when I read this. God bless Robi’s big heart and Angel’s pure soul. She has gone to a place where there is no more suffering, tears, chemotherapy, no more drugs or hospitals. I know there is nothing i could ever say that can take away what your family is going through but i know God is the only one who can take the pain of the loss of a loved one. My humble condolences and my prayers are with you and your family. Cancer can be difficult to defeat but the love of God is above everything considered hard in human beings eyes. Take heart and know the battle is not yours but the Lords #God Bless

    • Thank you Jay for taking the time to comment. We will share your words with the family – and they do make a difference. At least they know they are not alone in this. God Bless you too!

  25. Deepest heart felt condolonces to the family of Baby Lexie. Our prayers are with the family! May her soul rest in eternal peace!

  26. Awwww Robie!!I felt for him yesterday as he wailed in so much pain crying out lexy’s name! It hurt deep within and everyone was in tears! May God give us comfort and strength! Thanks Zawadi for sharing this.blessings

    • Yeah, that scene was just heart-wrenching. Thank YOU so much for all the work you have done to support the @SaveBabyLexie campaign, volunteering for Africa Cancer Foundation, and just being a blessing to others. Stay strong this week Bev as we plan for the fundraiser and the funeral. Hugs!

      • Much love dear. #TogetherItsPossible 🙂 Whatever we can do, we do it well….as long as someone somewhere feels the love.

  27. Baby Lexis, your departure hits our hearts with lots of grief, I meet you when you jetted in on 8th Oct. 2011. As a cancer doctor I was happy for you, your mum n entire family. Though you have rested, we hope to continue to fight another day. One day one time we shall,win this,cancer battle. Family be strong, my God be your comfort &strength. RIP baby Alexandria.
    Dr.Melly from Alexandria.

  28. R.I.P baby Lexie and may the Almighty God rest your soul in eternal peace.you were such an inspiration to may even to bravely face the challenges of life on my day to day activities.To the family i pray for divine provision and guidance at this point in tyme.God bless

  29. R.I.P baby Lexxi. Am still in tears after reading the soul touching letter form Robbi. Am with you and your mum Angela in prayers. God give us the strength to overcome this. Lexxi is in a better place now where there is no suffering. I loved Lexxi even though we never met in person.Even in death, I still love you Lexxi and will always love you forever. Now that you are in Heaven, am sure you have known me and you can see me, that’s why I have to stop crying and smile back at you Lexxi. Robbi be strong and always smile back when you remember your little baby sister because she is in heaven and smiling at you all through. Be strong be strong be strong. All is well with God.

  30. Sooooooooo sad. M so sorry for the family and friends. I feel your bro’s and mom’s pain. R.I.P swry. Robi, it shal be wel darling. The sun wil shine again. The heavens are watching over you and surely You wil met Lexie someday! Be comforted

  31. To Lexie family may our almighty God grant you strength at this difficult time i know how it feels RIP in peace baby Lexie we love you but our God love you more you fight a good fought, and for Robi the Angel will protect you each and every step you take, and your sister will be watching you too. My many pole To the mother i salute you for the good work God will bless you

  32. Fare thee well Baby Lexie. God be with thee and thy family and bestow strength to move on in the love that you shared

  33. My condolences to the family! I cannot imagine your pain…your love for each other will see you through. May you always keep the memories of beautiful times you shared with baby Lexie. Love, love, love from the depths of my heart to your family, especially her best friend Robi.

    -Tiffany, California U.S.A

  34. Very touching and sad story,my Dad lost his sister in April,and the Brother a few days ago to Cancer,within 3 months his 2 beloved siblings were gone! having lost an elder brother a few years ago-still to Cancer,it has greatly affected him.I cant pretend to know what Robin n Angel are going thr,but i sure know that the goodness of our God brought them beautiful baby Lexie in their lives,and He thought He had to take her back to be among the Angels.I pray for strength n wisdom,i pray that the vacuum may be filled in the best way only Him knows how.
    Robin,trust me,baby Lexie,knows that you loved her,and she will always love you too
    Angel,may the grace of God see you thr,the good Lord that gave you Lexie know why.
    Sleep baby Lexie,may your beloved soul RIP

    • Bless your heart Oseko for sharing such kind words. May you and yours also heal from your loss. But yes, Lexie has touched many many lives – not just her immediate family. We hope her legacy will live on & we’ll find ways to beat this thing called cancer.

  35. @ Robi,take heart dear,your little angel-Lexie isn’t dead but is having a well deserved rest. Stay strong for her baby boy7

  36. I honestly cant hold,am deeply touched.I have seen many passing on in Hosp,but this has gone a way mile,we lost an angel that cant be replaced,I know one day we will see her nice eyes,we shall rejoice again.To the family!take heart God is aware of the pains you are going thru,HIS hand of grace will carry you on.LORD BLESS THIS FAMILY WITH PEACE AND JOY IN THE MIDST OF EMOTIONAL CONFUSION,LET YOUR LOVE COVER THEM,BE REAL TO THEM NOW,GO AHEAD OF THEM AND CLEAR THAT BILL IN JESUS NAME.AMEN AMEN!!!.

  37. My heartfelt condolences to Robi his mum Angela and the entire family. You loved baby Lexie but God loved her more! May He comfort you during this difficult moment.

  38. This is a very sad story,one that brings tears and grief, of an innocent life lost too soon. I can’t explain the pain that her brother,Robi, and mother,Angela, and the entire family and friends are undergoing as a result of the untimely loss of their best friend, the little angel Lexie.It’s only God who can understand their pain and loss, it’s only God who can comfort them at this sad moment.Lexie your family loved you but God loved most,may He rest your soul in eternal peace.

  39. Too sad and emotional! May God rest her sweet soul in eternal peace!

    Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. -Matt 5:4 May God conform Robi and his mum during this difficult time.

    I will try and m-pesa Angela something to help try clear the bill.

  40. Hey mama baby lexie, you are a strong woman, i know what it means to have a sick person in the family. May God give you strength during this time. To Robi, God took baby lexie, she is now resting. Poleni.

  41. I remember my elder sister telling me about her friend (a fellow doctor ) whose child had cancer and that she had gone to India for treatment , she also told me that Lexie was born a few months before her daughter Raziah (my niece) ,and its only this morning when i looked through ma neices’ birthday photos that i saw Lexie in the photos. My nieces moved back to Uganda in January this year but we were planning to bring them back to visit Lexie among other friends ,this December as soon as my sister came for the holidays.But this morning my sister called me and reminded me about the little girl that had cancer and that she had passed away on Wednesday and that i should look for an M-Pesa joint right away and send some money to her. I can’t stop looking at my nieces jump around because they know that when their mum returns in December they will travel to Kenya to check on their friends that they left in Nairobi not knowing that Baby Lexie will not be one of them. R.I.P Baby Lexie. Raziah ,Rashidah and Elias will miss you . May the Lord strengthen your family

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  43. Saying i understand your pain would be a lie,the only thing i can assure you of is to keep you in my prayers,pray that Gods favor be upon you,that he comes through for you and gives you consolation from above,that he comes through you financially so that you are able to offset the hospital bill and may you be able to let go of Baby lexie,she is in abetter place with our heavenly father.Be blessed.

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  45. Baby Lexxie may God rest your soul in eternal peace and for Angel and Robi may God give you peace as you pass through this hard time…my condolences

  46. Baby Lexxie may God your soul in eternal peace and for Angel,Robi and the family may He give you enough solace and peace during this hard times….

  47. A battle well fought, i am sure baby Lexxie is with the angels right now; little Robi, Mama Lexxi, grandma and to the rest of the family…..my most heartfelt condolences

  48. Pole the Lord will comfort the whole family.am praying that i may send whatever little i have to enable the family settle the bill.
    Mail me an account number ps

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