Second Chances

This has been a really intense week! And although I have soooo much to be grateful for in my life, there are moments like last night when I just want to curl up in a corner, cry my heart out, and give up. But I can’t. And I won’t. There is too much work to be done, and I know I want to leave this world a better place than I found it. Yesterday’s protest against #KanjoBrutality in Nairobi, is just one example of the kind of toxicity that we need to get rid of in this world.

I woke up this morning and really needed encouragement. So I turned to my Journey Cards by Brandon Bays and Kevin Billet.  I picked Second Chance, Flexibility & Physical Health.  Here’s what Second Chance reads:

Have you given up on something or someone recently?  Have you let go of a dream or settled for second best in some way? Have you limited or contained yourself somehow?


It’s time to give yourself a second chance.  Know that life is like a flow, a stream of consciousness that is constantly, wondrously changing.  No two moments are the same.


Life loves us so much that each moment it offers us a blank page to write our life anew. It’s time to pick up that dream, reach for that star, start afresh. Allow your natural wisdom and Grace to guide you. Know that each life experience teaches us profoundly, if we but listen deeply. And know that each day is a fresh start, each hour is a pristine new beginning. Know that every new second is your second chance. 


I hope this message touches, moves or inspires you in some way today. Let’s spread the love in this world people.

Peace & Blessings!




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