End Police Brutality in Kenya!

“Today it is someone’s child, tomorrow it could be yours.”

I write this blog with a heavy heart. I heard this story late yesterday, but didn’t even have the energy to blog about it. I still don’t, so I’ll simply share the email I got from Blessol Gathoni, a fellow Kenyan sistah souljah activist, and then head to the #KanjoBrutalityprotest at the Freedom Corner, in Nairobi’s Uhuru Park, starting at 9am, today (February 2nd).

Joyce left home Sunday afternoon to come clean our house. She gave both Andrew and Mwangi 20KES, to go watch a movie in the area, or play a game.
Having done that, Andrew took his money, paid for a matatu ride to town to go visit his frineds in the street (he does that, something we have tried to make him stop but he insists they are his friends and keeps going)
During their walk around lifestyle, the street kids spotted the City Council and split. Him, thinking that he looking clean and safe. Dint run, and was taken by one of the men.
They went around town with him, threatening to cut his balls, he pleaded with them thinking it was a hoax. But when they arrived on the University Way, the guy put on gloves and pulled down his pant. He removed a scissor and held his balls with it. Squeezing them. Andrew started screaming but people drove by until a white man stopped his car and charged at the City Council people.
They removed the scissor, having peeled the skin off one of his balls… and was bleeding profusely.
The white man, took him to lifestyle, and asked people to help him. There is a chips place where they cleaned him… and he opted to go home. But yesterday, things got worse and he was rushed to Nairobi Hospital (where Joyce got help from the same people who assisted Mwangi- as a street child)
He is in terrible pain. And am going to see him- I spent the better part of last night crying and organizing with people for way forwards.
We met with Sidi, from Bunge La Mwananchi– who are already having a protest on the City Council brutality and asked them if we can incoorporate street children too.
He said yes. We just need to mobilize.
So if you are reading this, this is my call to you to do something, anything to end police brutality in Kenya, Africa, anywhere in the world.
Afrika Rise!
P.S. If you are on twitter, you can follow live updates & share your thoughts via #KanjoBrutality – Kanjo is slang/sheng for City Council).

22 thoughts on “End Police Brutality in Kenya!

  1. That was horrible! If it was my son I swear I would not be responsible for my actions. We have some really sick people in this city.

    • Yes I agree, its not only your son or daughter, but our children. This is how it has been going on for decades ever since independence but never comes out as open as now because of technology. These are well trained by Israels and Mossad. These kind of practice have been used not only in Africa but all over the third world country including the Arab coutries, Egypt,Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen etc.
      UN keeps their mouth shut and well as AU. The government are mistaken, people will rise, we will never keep quite on the brutality of Human Being of any sort. Watch the latest police brutality in kenya. Parental advice is recommended.

      • Thank you so much for your passionate comment Shabbir. Apologies for approving it so many weeks after you posted it. I had taken a long break from the internet, but I am back now and hoping to write more regularly.
        Peace & Blessings!

  2. So sad is the blog that i am breaking down.But apart from crieing and pitying the boy something ought to be done.The brutal and inhuman kanjos must be brought to book.Lucy should file a case agaist the council.We are behind you in solidality.No more impunity .It is the high time that we drummed into there ears that we are equal before the law and before the supreme eyes of God.

    • Thank you Paul. I hope you are feeling better now. After shedding many tears myself last week, I’m trying to focus on the way forward. The case is under investigation and the petition with demands for longer term reforms was submitted at the meeting with the Mayor on Friday. Now we wait to see what action is taken. We’ll keep you posted. Have a blessed week!

  3. thanks to @Hot96Breakfast and the other media houses for highlighting the plight of the boy. Nairobi Mayor should ensure the officer is not only dismissed from the force but also that he faces the due process of the law which in utter disregard for it made him act in such impunity. whats horrifying is that the crime was committed in broad day light.

    • Thank you Julius. I agree with you. The case is under investigation and we will keep monitoring the situation, even as we do advocacy for longer-term reforms in the city council system. All these Vagabonds in Power (VIP) must be checked!

  4. surely thiz ppl should be made to pay for their actions? common media should show their face not all cops , are inhuman, thiz small fractions of cops should be off the streets shame on them do they have children? imagine if it is your son? sick men in society am so mad just the other day they raped a woman chasing her with a child straped on the back until the screams started attracting wanainchi? n ppl started throwing stones is when they, let go? i just wonder, are they high on somthing? i think so please police commissioner DO SOMETHING??????

    • Yes, not all city council police are bad, but there are enough that something has to be done about it. They must all undergo human rights training, for starters. And they should all have a uniform with an identification number. The communities that experience the wrath of the rogue city council police include street children, hawkers, gay men, and sex workers. Kenya’s constitution says that we are all equal under the law, and that we all deserve protection under the law. Human rights for all!

  5. Those doing this should be taught a lesson….What kind of a human being does this?He must be an animal…Kenyans too need to grow up,how can sme1 see such an action happening and just walk past…….

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    • LOL, thanks for the offer. I will work on it myself – just haven’t had the time to :-). The life of a hustler means I do it myself – at least until I can afford to pay others to :-).

  7. I add my comment in paid and shock especially after watching ntv 9pm news today. I cannot believe we have the same genetic make up as the force(police, council). How does a human being do this to another? is it part of their training I wonder or … am speechless. another young man in police hands

    • Thank you Ziwalla. Yes, it is extremely sad! And the worst part is, the police have yet to prosecute the city council officer who was responsible, even though he has been identified by both the street children who were there that day, and Andrew himself who pointed him out to his mother Joyce recently.
      (Apologies for my delay in responding – I have been offline for a few months).

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